The Kannavis Mission

Mindful medicine provided with compassionate care, we're here to shape a bright future for modern cannabis.

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Flower To The People

We are wholeheartedly dedicated to finding, providing and creating the most effective medicines nature has to offer. We advocate for cannabis normalcy and are working to shine light on a plant that gifts the opportunity for self healing. Integrating traditional wisdom with cutting-edge science is what makes us different, we hope to see you sometime soon.

Quality Matters

Quality of product to us means clean, healthy and vital cannabis plants grown, harvested and processed with loving intention. The brands we carry are best-in-class and each product is rigorously tested by third party labs to assure our quality standards are met. We are in the industry to do good and invest in improving every aspect of our process from seed to you.

Our Values

  • Community

    Locally owned and operated, we are committed in helping educate and empower the local community to live healthier lifestyles.

  • Compassion

    With many paths up the mountain, we graciously welcome you wherever you are at on your journey.

  • Quality

    Our licensed growers and labs offer a diverse selection of quality medical cannabis strains and products.

  • Empowerment

    Our dispensary agents offer compassionate explanations and unbiased recommendations based on your needs.

Our Family of Brands

Thriv Nutraceuticals

Thrīv Nutraceuticals (Frederick, MD) is a local manufacturer of hemp-based CBD health and wellness products, which are sold under their Relēf CBD brand. We strive to continuously improve upon our existing products as well as develop new methods of incorporating CBD into all lifestyles. Thrīv focuses on a customer-driven approach to product research and development and aims to bring effective, safe, and affordable products to consumers.

Kannavis Trading Co

After the success of our dispensary, we decided to take the extra step to enhance the lives of our patients. We strive to provide education, supplies, and wellness to those looking to boost their health. Breathing a new life into health, we offer healthy and safe solutions for those looking for alleviation. We source high quality products from a variety of trusted vendors to ensure consistency and effectiveness.

Kannavis Events

You're invited, come join one of our fun and enlightening social gatherings. We host brand pop-ups, speaking events and so much more, hope to see you soon!

Latest News

From industry insights to helpful resources, we're on top of it to keep you in the know. Find out what's next for us and interesting ideas from the cannabis culture.

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