April 2021 Newsletter

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April 2021 Newsletter

Our April 2021 Newsletter

Daily Deals!
Mon. – 20% Off Flower
Tues.- 20% Off Concentrates
Wed.-20% Off Concentrates
Thurs. – 20% Off Senior Citizen Discount
(65+ yrs)
Fri. – *Featured Sales*

Feature Fridays
  • 4/2- 20% off Verano
  • 4/9 – 20% off Harvest
  • 4/16- 20% off GTI
  • 4/23- 20% off Curio
  • 4/30-20% off Culta
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**Can be combined with loyalty points. No combined discount to exceed 25%**
420 Preview
20% off storewide
every Saturday in April!
  • 4/1- Select 4-6pm + 25% off Select All Day
  • 4/5- Grow West 2-4pm + 20% off Grow West All Day
  • 4/16- GTI 4-6pm+ 20% off GTI All Day
  • 4/17- District Cannabis Virtual + 20% off D.C. All Day
  • 4/20- Curio TBA
  • 4/28- Verano 3-5pm + 20% off Verano All Day
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More Coming Soon!
Featured Product
Cobra Lips LR Badder-Culta
“Cobra Lips is a cross between Appalachia and Chemdawg. The indica-dominant hybrid was first created by breeders at Bodhi Seeds.

The top reported aromas of the Cobra Lips strain are pungent wood, herbs, and fruit. And it is said to taste like sweet, sour earth.”

Badder is a soft, malleable concentrate featuring a
texture similar to frosting.
Badder is most commonly consumed through dabbing but small amounts can be added to the top of a bowl or rolled into a joint.
Cobra Lips is a live resin badder made from freshly harvested plant. This means more terpenes for a flavorful hit.

How does cannabis go from plant to a concentrate?
New Patient Discounts!
All new patients will receive
25% off your 1st visit purchase!
20% off your 2nd visit purchase!
15% off your 3rd visit purchase!
All while earning Loyalty Points!
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