Become a Patient

Maryland’s medical cannabis regulations are friendly. To become a patient, review the eligibility requirements, apply to the MMCC, obtain a certification from an MMCC-registered physician and bring it with your identification. We'll guide you to create a plan designed around your needs.

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Steps to Relief

How do I get medical cannabis and shop at Kannavis? We'll walk you through the process in four simple steps and you'll be ready to begin healing naturally.

  • Step One

    Register with MMCC

    Start by registering as a patient or caregiver on the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission website.

  • Step Two

    Visit your provider

    Once you've registered, visit a MMCC registered to obtain a written certification. Only licensed medical practitioners registered with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission can issue written certifications to patients.

  • Step Three

    Research treatments

    Feel free to begin educating yourself on the products available in Maryland. Explore the difference between Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid plant classifications, and the concentrations of cannabinoids: THC vs. CBD vs. CBG vs. CBN, to name a few.

  • Step Four

    Make Your First Purchase

    After you’ve registered with the state, received certification from your doctor, and familiarized yourself with Maryland’s cannabis products, you'll be ready to visit Kannavis Dispensary. We are ready to meet you with our educated, compassionate staff--who will work with you and connect you with the right treatment. First time patients receive 25% off their purchase. We also offer senior and veteran discounts every day.

Physicians may recommend cannabis for patients with a chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition that causes:

Seizures — Muscle Spasms — Glaucoma — PTSD — Cachexia — Anorexia — Chronic Pain Depression — Severe Nausea — Mental Health

Get Help

We understand, paperwork can be confusing and stressful, thankfully we can help. Contact us today and our friendly staff will lead you through the rest.

More To Know

Dig deeper and discover the magic and science behind this beautifully complex medicine. Continue your learning journey and expand your understanding with us.