May 2021 Newsletter

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May 2021 Newsletter

Our May 2021 Newsletter

Daily Deals!
Mon. – 20% Off Flower
Tues.- 20% Off Concentrates
Wed.-20% Off Concentrates
Thurs. – 20% Off Senior Citizen Discount
(65+ yrs)
Fri. – *Featured Sales*

Start May 1
Seniors Age Group Change!
Individuals age 55+ are now eligible for our senior discount-10% off!

Thursday is
Senior Day with 20% off your purchase!
Airopro Sale
May 1-15
All Airopro carts 20% off
Kannavis Community Alliance
Every quarter Kannavis provides a donation to a charity whose mission embodies the core values that help shape our business- community, compassion, quality, and empowerment. Kannavis believes in working within the community we operate to make it a better place. We also believe in second chances, so our first quarterly donation of 2021 was to the Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (COIPP).
Food Drive
May 13-May 24
Bring in 3 non-perishable food items for 10% off a future purchase.
Our food drive will be benefitting I Believe In Me.

IBM has been providing food distribution for critical grocery needs in our local community-no questions asked.

Learn more about IBM and its mission
  • 5/7- Kind Therapeutics 4-6pm + 20% off Kind All Day
  • 5/11- Airopro 12-2pm + 20% off Airopro May 1-15
  • 5/14- Cresco 12-2pm + 20% off Cresco All Day
  • 5/21- District 4-6pm + 20% off D.C. All Day
  • 5/28- GTI 12-2pm + 20% off GTI All Day
More Coming Soon!
Featured Product
THCa Isolate from MPX
THCa: 95.71%
Melting Point Extracts is devoted to providing the cleanest and most effective concentrate possible. Utilizing state-of-the-art extraction equipment and exceptional starting material to ensure an unforgettable experience in every exhale. MPX specializes in hydrocarbon, CO2, and solventless extractions to provide a diverse line of quality products.
What is THCa?
New Patient Discounts!
All new patients will receive
25% off your 1st visit purchase!
20% off your 2nd visit purchase!
15% off your 3rd visit purchase!
All while earning Loyalty Points!
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